Tea Connection, Inc.



Tea Connection, Inc. was founded by George “Coty” Cotsakis Jr. in 1991.

Coty’s background includes 30 years in FS Distribution, owning the largest FS Dist in Atlanta, Ga.

Coty designed a beverage marketing program for Shasta Beverages for health care and schools.

He has also designed Private label Tea and Coffee programs for Corp: Shoney’s, Hardee’s, Winner’s, Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken, CiCi’s Pizza, Pizza Inn, Po Folks, several Independent Pepsi Cola Bottlers, Vending companies, and others under their private label.

Our contract packer has been in business 120 years.



National branded Tea and Coffee suppliers sell their label to several Distributors in the same market. This results in pricing competition and lower margins on the same label.

Our philosophy has been to only have One Distributor in a market. This allows profitable and controlled repeat sales. This Private Label method has also been successful in Grocery and Restaurant sales and profits, when equal Quality is offered.

Our expert support person will work with you in your market.

We therefore, unlike some suppliers, do not solicit Corporate National FS Distributors.  You will not compete with your customized label.  

Our Approach


  • With focus on local markets and selected Distributors, we eliminate overhead and expenses in areas such as Advertising, Warehousing, and other miscellaneous costs incurred by tea and coffee suppliers. These savings are passed on to our selected Distributors and their customers.

  • We provide our customers much more than just product . Our expertise, procedures, and 3 step approach to customers, gives our Distributors the tools to convert accounts to their Private Label Tea and Coffee. This helps improve the Operator’s finished quality, sales, and profits.

  • Our Distributors who sell Franchisees are able to present a customized tea or coffee program for their customer, under private label, and build their brand.



100% Arabica and 100% Colombian bean Coffee in size pack and case pack desired. Foil, filter, or Round filter pack.

Iced Tea
Blend profile matched National Brands in finished form. Packages in 1, 3, and 4 oz.  Filter or Foil pack. We also offer Peach, Mango, Raspberry, and Green Iced Tea.

Vending Coffee, Vending Creamer, Cappuccino, and Hot Cocoa.

Benefits of our Iced Tea and Coffee Quality in A Finished Product


Iced Tea

  • Iced Tea is sold in Leaf form.  Iced Tea is based on Extraction, Brewing, Sweetening, and Cleaning methods.  Iced Tea is judged by Color, Strength, and Clarity. Our Expertise insures excellent, consistent finished Iced Tea. This is not commonly known by most FS  sales forces. Our Yield of Tea can be increased by machine adjustments, and is higher per brew than some competition.

  • Since brewing, sweetening,  cleaning procedures and equipment vary, we can work with our clients and their customers to design customized procedures based on their current methods and equipment, if requested.


  • We offer 100% Arabica, 100% Colombian (Juan Valdez), and flavored Coffees.

  • By upgrading their coffee quality from blends with bitter, cheaper Robusta beans, most National Restaurant Chains, Grocery, including our Distributor’s customers have increased both sales and profits.

  • Due to our lower overhead and private label, our cost to distributors for equal or better coffee blend is less than route truck or other FS Distributors.

  • Our Round filter pack coffee, 100% Arabica, is a better quality and comes with a lower cost than National Branded Round filter packs containing Robusta beans.

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